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Mobile SDK*

Embed chat directly in your app, so visitors can chat with an agent without being directed to a separate webpage.

  • Seamless Experience: Leverage native, out-of-the-box styles to provide your visitors with the best possible in-app chat experience – regardless of their device. You can also easily customize chat buttons to better match your app's colors, design and branding.
  • User Controls: Chat conversations takes place directly on the app page the visitor is viewing, and the visitor can minimize or end the chat at any time.

*Available in BoldChat Enterprise edition. Your account must be enabled. Please contact us for more information.

Layered Chat Windows

Chat windows are superimposed directly over the mobile content with a semi-transparent window, so visitors can browse and chat simultaneously.

  • Administrative Controls: BoldChat lets you fully control the aesthetics of the chat experience by allowing you to modify colors and text, change transparency settings, and customize after-chat iconography.
  • Customer Controls: During the conversation, the visitor can minimize the chat with a tap, swipe or menu selection, and if they navigate to a different page, the chat stays with them. When minimized, the chat is encapsulated in a small icon, which visually indicates when an operator has sent a message.

Proactive Invitations

BoldChat enables you to create an entirely unique set of proactive chat rules and invitations tailored for mobile visitors. When a user triggers the rule, BoldChat issues an invitation specifically designed to be presented on a mobile device.

  • Mobile Rules: BoldChat gives you the ability to craft rules specific to mobile visitors. Users can create generic rules for all visitors, specific rules for mobile users, or any combination.
  • Designed for Mobile: By default, BoldChat includes specially designed invitations that render beautifully on mobile devices in order to maximize customer engagement, whenever and wherever customers want.

Mobile Reporting

Mobile reporting capabilities give agents and admins the ability to analyze and interpret mobile chat activity, proactive mobile invites, website activity and chat survey data.

  • Agent Controls: With BoldChat's mobile reporting capabilities, agents can identify mobile app visitors, steer the conversation and cater to the visitor's unique needs accordingly. Knowing the visitor is chatting from a mobile device, the agent can prioritize, adjust his/her technique and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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