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A retailer’s guide to mobile engagement benchmarks and best practices

In eCommerce today, the device shift is real. Mobile usage is soaring and it is becoming more important than ever that companies are more mobile-minded when it comes to supporting their customers cross-channel.

To better understand what companies are doing to be more mobile-minded, we contacted the 50 Top Retailers (Amazon, Macy's, Best Buy, J.Crew, Home Depot, etc..) and measured their overall mobile-readiness across email, phone, social, and live chat and we are ready to share these insights with you.

In this whitepaper you will uncover:

  • What it means to be mobile-minded and why it matters
  • Industry benchmarks – where retailers stand today cross-channel (email, phone, social, and live chat)
  • An assessment tool to score your company's mobile readiness
  • Best practices for superior mobile engagement